Learning NLP does not end in the classroom. In fact, the classroom where you learn NLP in a Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer course is only the first step in becoming skilled in the tools of NLP.

In an effort to encourage ongoing learning and personal development with NLP, the IANLPC is committed to providing ongoing workshops and programs to assist members in their growth. Currently, the IANLPC offers monthly Educational Workshops in Lancashire England. In addition, we hold an annual Conference with international speakers and presenters.

Registered Gold and Silver Members of the IANLPC are required to attend additional learning each year to renew their membership. This policy has been put into place as we know that information is updated and when you know better, you can do better.

Even if you are not a member yet of the IANLPC, you are invited to attend our workshops. We hope to see you at a workshop soon!