Find A Registered NLP Trainer

Please note: We are now accepting and assessing applications for Registered Trainers.

Throughout the world, there is no accreditation of NLP. No board which qualifies someone as a Trainer, and very few standards which identify quality and reputable training. The IANLPC is aware of this and has chosen to change this by creating high standards which should assure potential students that their training will meet the minimum training standards within the industry.

All trainers listed on the IANLPC have undergone due diligence to show their professionalism and quality training. While we cannot guarantee your training, we can guarantee that all Recognised Trainers meet the standards set forth by the IANLPC in their application and ongoing renewal requirements. At a minimum, you can be assured the following NLP trainers have passed the following requirements:

  • Registered Trainers must concurrently hold Registered Clinical Membership with the IANLPC.
  • Registered Trainers must have been training NLP Certification courses for a minimum of two years and have had a minimum of 40 students during this time.
  • Certified NLP Trainer, PGCE, or relevant degree qualification.
  • Registered Trainers are required to attend a minimum of 40 hours of Professional Development per year.
  • The syllabus of Registered Trainers meets the minimum training standards set forth by the IANLPC.

Note: The trainers listed have been granted membership as a Registered Trainer, not their companies. Most likely any trainer at the below training institutes uses the same syllabus and training material, yet may not all be as experienced and qualified as our members. We offer this information in an effort to keep you informed as you continue your research.

We recommend you thoroughly research your training possibilities and choose a trainer who fits your personal needs. We have composed a simple guide to help you in your search.

Good luck in your search and enjoy your NLP learning experience! Remember to join or upgrade your membership with the BANLP once you have completed your training.